The sad part is, if you come back to me, I know I’ll fucking accept you with wide open arms xD Hahahaha I hate myself

This stupid website is a fucking drug.

"What’s the point of waking up if it’s not next to you?"

I was never really that special.





nothings worse than soft grapes

soft apples

soft dicks

☾☻soft grunge blog☻☽

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You’re in Disney showing off your bikini body while I’m in my room just bawling uncontrollably. How am I expected to live without you. It’s unrealistic and.. impossible. No matter what I do, I think of you. What are you going to do with your room? And what am I supposed to with my memories? Everywhere I go is like sitting in a room filled with letters. How do you do it? How has your heart fallen so far away from me that it desires nothing from me? It makes me cold. It makes my heart want to stop beating because, if not for you, it’s only wasted energy. You’re having so much fun. You’re so okay with everything, more than okay. You’re fantastic.

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