"You’re doing what all of your exes did to you to Brandon" let that sink.

You never loved me anyways. Posting that about Mason was just plain cruel. You had no reason to post that other than to get at me. Low blow.

I am seconds away from deleting my tumblr account. NO ONE has the right to talk to kaylyn that way. Fuck you guys for saying those things to her. Like I’ve said before, I only used tumblr for a place to vent, not to get advice and not get people to hate kaylyn. Only to vent.

Good riddance. You’re not worth my time anyways.

Anonymous asked:
I like how you can take every question in different ways, but I wasn't specific enough. In the Avitar universe, what kind of bender would you be?

OH. Oh dear god thats an even more difficult question. Probably fire. I like the anger in the fighting style. I like how uncontrollable fire is yet being fully able to control it. It’s a cool concept.

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